Meet The Owner

My floral journey started when I was just 9 years old. As a family, we made the move from north of China to Stellenbosch, the heart of South Africa's wine lands. It was in this picturesque landscape, where I ran barefoot on the soft grass, went on walks through lush forests, spent hours collecting tree bark to create sculptures from and often came home from afternoons exploring with arm full of wild, roadside lilies. Everywhere I went, I was surrounded by natural beauty, enough to take my breath away. Growing up in South Africa, I gained a sense of closeness to nature that has always stayed close to my heart.

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Making the decision to become a floral stylist, is quite recent, but one that came to me very naturally. After years of study, travel and moving to different cities, my spark ignited when I started to plan my own wedding and I discovered my absolute love. Graduating with a Bachelor degree In Marketing, I then went on to complete my masters in Architecture in the USA. After working in both of these fields and seeing the world, I found love and followed my heart to Berlin. It is here, in this buzzing, historic city that I felt need to contribute beauty. And to me, there’s no better way than through flowers.

Floral styling is an art and so much more than independent floral arrangements. Each floral arrangement is only as beautiful as its appropriateness in a space. My approach to a new project is to understand the full picture and evaluate my clients’ ideas and needs, before curating an ensemble of floral arrangements that truly reflect their story. Flowers appeal to our senses, and are created to arouse emotion, in both a visual and scented way. They are much more than lifeless decoration that aims to look beautiful; from the most simplest of design to avant-garde, there right selection of blooms can make all the difference.

I absolutely love what I do and take such pride in my designs and finished product. I’m so looking forward to collaborating with you in the future.