entchantment in the woods

Peek-a-boo sunbeams, luscious trees and a crisp autumn chill in the air were the perfect backdrop to this dreamy, enchanting woodland photoshoot. The team was inspired by season, the contours of the forest and flower bouquets that were designed by On Cloud Bloom. With the forest as our canvas, we painted a picture with a beautiful bride surrounded by an explosion of crimson. With the sun peeking through the trees, our look was complete. This perfect scenery was situated in the small town of Finow in Brandenburg, where a hurricane had ripped through the landscape just days before. Luckily, we found a beautiful oasis deep in the forest that was our splendid shooting location.

Photography: Meredith Braden
Model: Amanda Bruc
Hair and Makeup: Jess Karas
Wardrobe: Lina Becker